Exciting 'Schoolies' Holiday Program now at a Bluebird Early Education Centre close to you

Exciting 'Schoolies' Holiday Program now at a Bluebird Early Education Centre close to you

Children from 0-5 years of age are welcome to participate and existing children are welcome to increase their days at the centre to make sure they don't miss out on any of the fun! 

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Oxanda Education partners with GIANTS CARE launch

"Just like the Giants, Oxanda Education cares about making a difference in every child in our early learning centres. Oxanda congratulates the Giants for their passionate commitment to families health and education, and we are honoured to be a foundation partner of Giants Care."
— Nancy Fonseca
   Communications Manager

GIANTS Care Launched

The Greater Western Sydney GIANTS have launched a major community initiative that will see the club double its community outcomes and further enrich the lives of people in Western Sydney. 

GIANTS Care is an innovative and meaningful community initiative like no other program run by a sporting club across Australia. 

Now in their fourth year in the AFL, The GIANTS have quickly become a leader in the community delivering first class programs to those that need them most.

GIANTS players commit 4200 hours to the community every year and the club is dedicated to helping deliver a wide range of programs that will make a significant impact on those involved.

To hear from those involved with GIANTS Care, click here.

Some of Australia’s most respected organisations with a like-minded vision for the Western Sydney community have joined together to make GIANTS Care possible.

The GIANTS are proud to announce the eight foundation partners of GIANTS Care are Lend Lease, Virgin Australia, ANZ, Linfox, Origin, Oxanda, UWS and News Corp Australia.

These partners have made a three-year commitment to GIANTS Care to help double the club’s community engagement outcomes which will impact positively on current and future generations.

GIANTS Care will provide the vehicle to help deliver on the four key pillars of the club's community agenda which are: Health, Harmony, Education and Employment.

This initiative will cover key areas including social cohesion, numeracy, literacy, health, environment, science, nutrition, youth employment and leadership.

GIANTS Care programs will focus on people from low socio-economic backgrounds and disadvantaged communities across Western Sydney. 

These programs will make a material difference in the communities that need them most. More than 12,000 people were engaged in GIANTS community programs in 2014 and thanks to GIANTS Care this figure will double to 24,000 over the next three years.

Speaking on behalf of the foundation partners, Lend Lease Chief Executive Steve McCann said:

“We are proud to be partnering with the GIANTS on such an important community initiative.

“Lend Lease has worked extensively with the GIANTS on a range of community programs and we are excited about this next step. 

“GIANTS Care will make a meaningful difference to the communities of Western Sydney and we look forward to being involved in a variety of innovative programs."

GIANTS Chief Executive David Matthews said:

“GIANTS Care wouldn’t be possible without the significant investment made by our eight foundation partners and we thank them for their support.

“We are proud of the work we do in the community and GIANTS Care will see us take this to a whole new level across Western Sydney.

“We want to build a great club like no other. A club that wins premierships, delivers the best family entertainment and enriches the lives of people across Western Sydney. GIANTS Care is a key part of this.”

Information on our foundation partners:

Oxanda Education provides families with the most positive and inspiring learning environments possible, focusing on the positive development of the “whole child”. 
At Oxanda Education our aim is to create a legacy for life-long learning, healthy habits, good nutrition, a positive attitude and fitness for life.  We are passionate about making a difference to the lives of every child and family at our early learning centres and beyond.  

Lend Lease
Lend Lease has been a part of the Greater Western Sydney community for more than 20 years creating great places for people to live, work, learn and play. Our masterplanned communities such as Ropes Crossing and Jordan Springs, and the Lend Lease managed Macarthur Square shopping centre, are testament to our commitment.  

Lend Lease’s Skilling and Employment Centre at St Mary’s and our leadership development program with the Giants are one of our many initiatives which supports continued growth of Western Sydney. 

Virgin Australia
The Virgin Australia group of airlines has an established program of community and philanthropic partnerships, with a specific focus on indigenous Australians and youth at risk. 

Virgin Australia team members are actively involved in these partnerships, which include Surf Life Saving Australia, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Starlight Foundation, Brisbane Youth Service, CARE Australia, Foodbank and Service NSW. 

ANZ understands that living in the world of our customers means actively engaging with and contributing to local communities. Our employees are passionate about giving back to the community and together we support many community causes and organisations through our GIVE program, which stands for Giving, Investing, Volunteering and Emergency.

The GIVE program highlights the ways we contribute to local communities by giving donations to charities, investing in partnerships with community organizations, volunteering our skills and time to support community causes and responding to emergencies through supporting disaster relief and recovery activities. 

Linfox has a proud tradition of providing support to a range of community organisations. The Linfox business also provides responsive support through in-kind logistics services to communities affected by natural disasters, including people impacted by bushfires in Australia, and floods across Australia and Asia.

Linfox spans Asia Pacific, delivering sophisticated supply chain solutions for some of the world’s leading brands and businesses. It is quite likely that at some point, the fuel in your car, the goods in your pantry and fridge, or the personal products you use have been warehoused or transported by Linfox.

As Australia’s leading energy retailer and a long supporter of the AFL Origin is thrilled to announce its new partnership with GIANTS Care.Origin has huge admiration for the work GIANTS Care is doing in the community and can see the direct impact it is having on people in Western Sydney. Origin looks forward to growing this partnership with GIANTS Care.

UWS is a vibrant, modern university, located in one of the fastest growing regions in Australia – Greater Western Sydney, home to over 2 million people. It is widely recognised as a university that is engaged with and embedded in its community in the Greater Western Sydney region.

UWS has over 40,000 students and over 3,000 staff. Over 60 per cent of commencing domestic students are the first in their families to attend university, and 75 per cent of its domestic students are from Greater Western Sydney. 

News Corp Australia has a long and proud history or working on behalf of the communities served by its newspapers to inform, advocate and inspire to help build a better Australia. It works every day to report on what matters to its readers, argue in favour of initiatives that build stronger, safer and better communities and tell stories that inspire Australians. 

News Corp Australia supports a wide range of programs, from fundraising for medical research, to investments in educational programs for young Australians, to raising millions of dollars for communities affected by natural disasters. 

Bluebird Salute our Anzac day Heroes

It's been a big month at our Bluebird Centres. After recent Easter celebrations and big sporting events, we were happy to develop sensory and literary activities one of the most significant days in Australia's history, ANZAC Day. Typical in our centres, our fantastic team developed engaging yet educational activities that promoted creativity, particularly important due to the ANZAC Centenary and this year's 100th Anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli.

As you may have noticed in recent media, the engagement of young Australian's in the day and interest in the celebrations, particularly in the Dawn Service, has been gratefully noticed by our Diggers. Learning about ANZAC Day is an important part of learning; it helps young children understand traditions, history sacrifices and heroism of Australian's and helps the story of the Anzac's be past down to future generations.

All of our Centres engaged in learning poems, songs, history and sensory activities relating to the Anzac's. We were particularly impressed by the children's existing knowledge of the day and their interest in learning about a significant part of our history.

Research shows us that children learn best when they are active, hands-on and learn through real life experiences. Based on this premise, we worked to create activities that was sacrificed by soldiers and their family: creating something that could be shared with loved ones. As the children at our centres love cooking (and eating!) we decided to cook some delicious ANZAC biscuits at our Centre In Innisfail. We learnt that during World War 1, the families of the soldiers were concerned about the healthiness of the food that they were eating. As they tried to think up nutritious food for the soldiers to eat to keep up their strength, they had to keep in mind that there wasn't any refrigeration- so they had the dilemma of developing a recipe that was nutritious and be able to be stored for months at a time.

Eventually, the families came up with a recipe involving oats, sugar, golden syrup, butter, plain flour and coconut. They sent the biscuits in tins and they were a huge hit amongst the soldiers. Not only were they tasty, but they gave them energy and kept fresh for a long time- that's if they could resist eating them! The children were quick to note that ANZAC biscuits are still popular today.

We were happy to see the children’s hands-on approach to cooking and helping weigh out measurements, just like the families over a hundred years ago. They also rejoiced in sharing the biscuits they created with their loved ones.

Our Preschool room Bluebird Narrabri also loved learning about the symbolism of the Poppy Flower. As we know, the flower was one of the plants to spring up from the grounds of battlefields. The flower has since represented, hope, peace and remembrance and as part of our learning, we had a great time using sensory techniques to create the flowers using paper plates and crepe paper. Consistent with adorning the panels of the Memorials Roll of Honour with poppies, we then placed our vibrant red flowers on the Centre's walls to proudly showcased the children's fantastic efforts.

Our students had so much fun drawing pictures based on “the 100 years of ANZAC”, which will be showcased at our Bluebird Narrabri Centre. We were delighted to see that captured the story of Anzac's and their part in our history.